Divergent Thinking and Creative Potential

Divergent thinking tests are given more often than any other test of creativity. They are not actually tests of creativity per se but are instead assessments of creative potential. They are based on sound scientific theory and have been improved many times over the years.

This volume describes the theory supporting the use of divergent thinking tests. It also presents specific research findings. It describes what has been discovered about divergent thinking in the past 10 years. Unlike other volumes, it focuses on divergent thinking rather than attempting to cover all of creativity assessment. It gives the specifics of research so the validity of the claims can be easily determined.

Each chapter is based on a specific research project so each stands alone. A large number of topics are covered, including the impact of experience, the role of time in creative thinking, differences among various tests of divergent thinking, the use of new scoring methods, and the relationship of divergent thinking with other facets of the creative process.